Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens
Rain gardens are becoming more popular for their beauty and ease of maintenance and because they help to improve the environment. Planted with deep-rooted perennials, grasses and shrubs that can tolerate both heavy influx of water and periods of drought, rain gardens help to capture storm water runoff, easing the burden on aging and overtaxed water sewer systems. In this way, rain gardens can play an important environmental role even as they beautify your property.

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Why are rain gardens important?
Particularly in urban and suburban areas, where large amounts of space are covered by impervious surfaces such as asphalt, paved driveways, even compacted lawns, rain gardens can make a big impact on the environment. As storm water leaves downspouts it rushes across lawns and pavements where it collects pesticides, fertilizers, oils and other chemicals. All of this will end up in your local water or sewer system. Rain gardens not only absorb this excess water but the natural filtration provided by the rocks and plants helps to keep toxic substances out of your local water system.

How do you make a rain garden?
A rain garden is created by digging out an area of yard or lawn, creating a permanent depression in the ground. A home’s downspouts are then channeled into this area so that rainwater drains into the garden, providing hydration for the plants. Finally, the garden is planted with a variety of plants and lined with rocks that help to filter the water.

Rain gardens are not difficult to create and there are many good resources online. In Western Pennsylvania we are fortunate to have 3 Rivers Wet Weather, an environmental organization that provides wonderful information on rain gardens and other topics.

For residents living in the areas around Frick Park in the eastern part of the City, The Nine Mile Run Watershed Association is another good resources on rainwater management.